"Let’s play our baseball until the end"


Hoozuki No Reitetsu ep 1. - Hoozuki

Hoozuki, the deputy of Japan’s hell, is a sassy, sarcastic and practical demon.  Watch him go through Hell’s daily affairs in this comedy show mixed with Japanese folklore, with a modern touch that left Japanese audiences in rave with the manga.

let justice be done, though the heavens fall.

texture credit: pinkblossom.org


touching ☆ noses 

"We have two batters in front who can disrupt the opponent. We have batters who can adapt to the situation, and most importantly everyone knows to swing with confidence. This year, we’ll be able to take Narumiya down. Let’s play our baseball until the end." - Yuki Tetsuya



Kuroshitsuji | | Undertaker