be strong for misawa


Today’s theme is Kings.

I know I should be drawing characters that I usually don’t draw, but… I CAN’T JUST SKIP DRAWING MY OTB!!

I think it’s obvious why I chose each quote for each one of them (specially if you’re up to date with the manga), but I’ll explain anyway~ (those who don’t read the manga, stay away)

Mei, well, he might not be in his best shape atm, but you know he’s the type that won’t be happy unless he is standing above anyone else. So, he won’t be satisfied with being only a ‘prince’. And he’s cheeky enough to claim that he’ll be a king.

Sanada, we got to know that he’s one of the most strong players, mentally. He’s fearless, and can keep his composure under any situation.

Miyuki, I think we all agree that the captaincy is adding nothing more than stress and hardships over Miyuki’s shoulders. While those around him think of it as something amazing, and see him as an invincible player.


I cometh bearing another DnA scanlation - Outrun: here


Ryosuke: I tossed it right at your chest. Catch properly something this easy, will you. … You suck.
Kuramochi: !!…What the heck, outta the blue.. what’s this guy’s problem..
– Early beginnings of the Iron Wall Combo of Seido :’)


I…. uhh. Have no excuse. Yeah. extra cheesy because EIJUN IS NOT SMOOTH.

'How to woo an asshole' a guide by Eijun Sawamura. 10/10 works every time